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As a new website owner / blog owner, I know how frustrating it can get when it comes to picking a theme for your website! I remember choosing one and then finding another which was better assiduously, up until I landed upon Customizr.

Now before I carry on, there are many WordPress themes available so I do suggest that you take a real look around . However the whole purpose of this article is simply to outline the responsive Customizr theme, which really fit my website perfectly and gave me the flexibility that I demanded.

As the name of the theme suggests, it really does allow you to customise your theme in a way that suits you best. For those of you that have entered my site for the first time, whether through this article or some other way I suggest you check out the rest of my site so that you get a real feel for the theme.

As you go through this article, you should bare in mind that I have the pro version for this theme. So some of the features mentioned are not available through the free version.

Font Customizer

One of the great features about this theme is that it allows for you to be able to customise the font for specific areas and content on your pages and posts. With a little trial and error you can pinpoint the most suitable fonts for your content.

customizr 1


Global Settings

The available features that are under the ‘Global Settings’ option relate to the overall look and feel of the site.

An option is given, for you to display a logo icon that is visible on a browser tab whilst someone is viewing your site/blog, Also you can insert the main logo in the header area of the site – with an optional ‘sticky logo’ feature.

You are given the ability to place your social links directly into empty text fields, without the need to install separate plugins. Other mechanisms available in this section include setting the skin for the site – mine is black, and also there are various options in regards to how images are displayed on the site.

Customizr Global



Featured Pages:

Can you see the three circles on the main page of my site?

In this section of customisation, you are able to edit the mechanics related to these “featured pages” i.e. the colour of the buttons, the number of featured pages that you want to show, how many you want to be displayed in one row, whether you want them to be squares or circles – alongside other wacky tweaks!

Front Page:

Modify the content that is visible on the front page. For example on my site I am currently showing my latest posts. You can also add a slider to your front page, and all other pages and posts, to showcase various images.

Customizr Content

Pages and Posts Layout:

Set the default display for your posts and pages – saves you from having to modify this for every new post or page that you create.


The ability to modify how comments are displayed, whether thumbnails are to be shown with single posts alongside other modifications you may find useful in relation to the content displayed on your site.

What Else?


Decide whether you want social links to be in the sidebar and also whether you want the sidebars to be dynamically responsive for the likes of mobile devices.


Select and modify the basic content you want to be displayed in the footer i.e. your social links and your copyright.


Modify your menus and also determine where on the site you want the menu to be displayed – Customizr comes with two locations.

Customizr last features


Pick the most suitable widgets to be displayed on your site. Using my site as reference, I showcase my projects, recent posts and a ‘site activity calender’. You can simply decide what works best for your site/blog.

Advanced Options:

For those of you that have some knowledge in CSS and web development, you will have the ability to customise the CSS of the site. To really enhance and modify the look and feel so that it fits perfectly for your audience.

The ability to activate and check the performance of your website is available alongside other CSS features.


Customizr or nah?

Just to clarify for anyone that is reading this article, I do not own this theme nor do I have any affiliate partnership. When I like something and I am passionate about it, I can go overboard and express myself a little too much. However I did have the troubles of finding a theme when first starting out – probably because I am picky.

For anyone that requires help in setting up their own site/blog, I am willing to offer this as a service – so give me a shout!

A suggestion would be that you have a browse around for other themes, however if you like what you see from this article then download the free version of Customizr.


I really hope that this solves your theme issues. If there are any other topics that you would like for me to write about or even make a video on, then please contact me or drop a comment!


Peace and Love … Jenaid Ahmed

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