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There are many times in life where you face a situation and by nature you mind starts to think about all of the possible scenarios surrounding the situation – through this you can end up worrying, stressing and mentally draining yourself.

I have been there on countless occasions and through seeking knowledge and guidance have I truly found answers that help me through situations that arise in my life.

By doing so I have understood that one of the biggest factors in getting rid of stressful situations is having faith that Allah (SWT)/God will help you in your life’s situations.

However having faith doesn’t necessarily mean sitting there and doing nothing… no. It’s taking a decision which you believe to be the best and then having faith that you will be protected from a bad outcome.


So.. how can you really stop worrying, put yourself at ease and be able to make a clear decision?

Making a decision based on your intellect is very important, as in many situations you can end up listening to your emotions rather than your intelligence.

From the book of Dale Carnegie – How to stop worrying and start living. He prescribes a solution, which I have personally used and found extremely useful, that allows you to overcome the situation to the best of your ability.

Note – Make sure you right down everything on a piece of paper. Getting your thoughts on paper also allows you to see things more clearly.


Step 1:

Ask yourself ‘What is the worst that can happen to me in this situation?’. – and if the worst does happen, what could you do with your life to move on from the situation.

By simply doing this, you begin to realise that this isn’t the be all and end all.


Step 2:

Be prepared to accept this as a possible reality. This can really help lift a weight off your shoulder.


Step 3: 

Write down all the solutions/actions you can take for the problem and for each of these, also write down the possible outcomes.

This step allows you to use your intelligence, logic and ensure that you are not making a decision based on your emotions.


Step 4:

Analyse all of the solutions that you have outlined and determine which of them is the best course of action.

This will give you affirmation that you have used you intelligence to the best of your ability.


Step 5:

Carry out the solution which you have specified to be the best course of action and have belief that whatever happens as a result, is what was meant to be.

Remember being in charge and in control of your life really helps you to stay away from stress and worry, take a look at what my todo list article can do for you.


I hope that you benefit from this!


Peace and Love … Jenaid Ahmed




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