Meet Jenaid

Jenaid Ahmed, 22


Faith puts you on top of the world, lack of faith puts the world on top of you!

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A UK born Muslim aspiring to become a world renowned games developer and entrepreneur.

When you begin to truly believe something and then act upon that belief, great things manifest. The world is a very simple place but that simplicity has been corrupted by so many man made complications. That being said, one of the biggest factor that I have noticed is how low people have set the standard for their lives and abilities. When really and truly what an individual can accomplish, is limitless. 

Although there isn’t one set purpose for this site, their are goals. These goals will be constantly changing and modifying as I grow through life. I aim to be as transparent as possible with all of my works to the point that, what you see is what you get. Take what you may that is positive from this site and leave that which is of no benefit. Remember that I am not a perfect human being and not everything I do or say is right. Nevertheless what I promote and gift to the world is that which I believe is of positivity.

My content is aimed to be fun, creative and of benefit where possible. Also if there are things one this site which you can see are inappropriate or could be improved, please do contact me as I am open to constructive criticism.

Also do not be shy to contact me whether it be to drop a message, ask for some help, or even about possibilities of collaboration. Remember teamwork makes the dream work.

Thats enough for the introduction, go on skrrr through…

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