This week I have placed into the game the mobile controls for both the Middlesbrough map and also the circuit. In the Middlesbrough map, the user is able to do the following:

  • Accelerate
  • Brake
  • Use nitros
  • Use the handbrake
  • Left and right buttons for steering
  • And camera change button

In the circuit race, the user can:

  • Accelerate
  • Brake
  • Steer using the accelerometer of the mobile device.
  • I have a nitrous button, however it does not work in the manor for which I would like currently. Therefore, I will be improving the nitrous of the vehicle in the coming weeks.

I have also added in a speedometer to the circuit race.

Another feature that I have added is more points of interest on the Middlesbrough map for the different races. I have decided to cut out the ‘Fed Chase’ race due to time constrictions. Currently I have the same icon for all of the map elements, however I will be

Moving Forward

I will be working on adding a blur motion mechanism for when the user presses the nitrous button on every driving scene. I will also be populating the circuit race scene with more environmental objects such as buildings and streetlights.

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