This week I have focused on a few aspects ensuring that they are in place for the rest of the game. Firstly in regards to the branding of the game, I have had a logo created for the game. (Shown Below).

This logo is the face of the game and the image that is to be in people’s heads when they hear the name boy racer.

The second aspect of the game that has been developed or shall I say integrated using a login asset is the login mechanism for the game. I have linked it to a database on the server for this website. The user is therefore, with this login asset, able to create an account for the game and then login and play with that account. The system has a email confirmation, so that the user may only login after they have followed the link the email that is sent after registration. Even though I have not made full use of the login system that I purchased I have the most basic fundamentals in place. One thing I still am to incorporate is the appearing of the mobile keyboard when trying to register as currently you cannot type as the standard keyboard does not appear.

Working alongside the login mechanism is the player prefs mechanism. Which simply put, allows for me to be able to store and access data from the mobile devices internal memory and then use it for the purposes of the game. In order to get the player prefs asset working in the manner in which I desired. I have created a singleton class that is to be passed through every scene of the game and can be accessed by all classes. I have saved many different types of data that I intend to use within the game. However, one feature that I have got working up until now is being able to choose a car from the dealership and this car then being loaded into the Middlesbrough map and also in the circuit race.

Moving Forward

Having the login system and the player prefs in place, I will now go onto adding the mobile controls for the Middlesbrough map. I will also add in the mobile controls for the circuit.

Other features that I also intend to work on is adding the different points of interest on the map.

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