This week I have worked on a various different mechanisms of the development of the game.

Firstly I had decided that I have the idea of what I want the game to be like in terms of the different areas of the game inside my head. However, ideas being in my head need to be put somewhere clear for me to be able to refer to as and when I need. Therefore I spent a little time outlining what mechanism I want for the final product and then which of these is/was viable for the purpose of this project. The reason I didn’t go into the full detail of what I want the perfect picture of each mechanism to be is that from experience the actual end feature shall I call it, will be in some way different to what I imagine. However with a base I was now able to see clearly what needs to be done for the end of this project.

After this, I went to start on the circuit race. Now in order to accomplish this, I had to rig some cars to be used in the race. Now in order to assist me in the development of the racing mechanics of the game. I have made an investment in many different assets such as the cars, the buildings in the map, and a racing kit called iRDS. My initial aim for this project was and to some extent is, to get a functioning game that is near the end of the roadmap to being published for mobile devices. Now if I went and tried to code each aspect of the game myself, then I would never be able to accomplish this within the timescale. However, with the use of asset packs the chance of this is increased drastically. Also to be willing to put a considerable amount of finances into the project is a big leap of faith and shows my belief in the value of my idea.

The iRDS kit has made it very easy for me to be able to rig the vehicles for them to be used within the races. The iRDS kit is very comprehensive and comes with many different features that would be take too long for me to explain here. Nevertheless, to continue, I have also used this kit in order for me to get the circuit track up and running. An asset called EasyRoads 3D has been utilised for the track in the circuit race and the iRDS kit has been used for features such as the boundaries of the track, the laps, the amount of drivers, the AI route on the track, the car starting points etc. With this being said, I am now able to drive the cars which I purchased on the circuit.

One of the limitations of this kit is that it does not allow for me to be able to utilise the rigged cars on my Middlesbrough map. This is because the way that this asset was developed, means that it is only compatible with race tracks. Because the Middlesbrough map is full of different streets and turns, it means that it is difficult for me to be able to make a track out of this. Therefore, I will not be using this kit for the map and will be looking into alternative options.

The circuit track has been populated with some buildings and animated arrows. Obviously it requires many more and different models in the environment, but this is something that I can come back to at the end. The circuit also has a day and night cycle. This day / night cycle will relate to the time in game that the player accesses the race from the map. Also, the type of buildings will also be dependant on the time of day in the game,

Two final components are that I have got it working so that on the Middlesbrough map, the models change depending on the time of the day. I was originally having problems with the scale being different on the instantiated models, however I was able to rectify this. Finally, I have tagged the player in the race so that the tagged GameObject can be accessed through the different scripts.

Continuing from this progress, I want to look at working on a few different aspects. Firstly I want to look for a kit which will assist me in being able to add a car to the map and for it to be playable. This will help in adding the points of interest, sorting out the rain, cameras and also the scale of the environment GameObjects so that they correlate accordingly to the size of the car.

Moving onto the racing elements. I would like to modify the vehicles so that some are faster / better than others depending on make, model, style. Also, I want to add a mini-map to the circuit race. Another aspect that I am to work on is the mobile controls as for now I am using the standard keyboard controls. However, as the game is intended to be for mobile devices it is important that I get the mobile racing controls working correctly.

Other elements to look into are the dealership for where the cars will be purchasable from.

Finally I want to outline what UI elements I am going to need in the game, as from the assets that I am not happy with the UI assets available on the asset store from a design perspective. Therefore, if I know exactly what UI elements I am going to need, I can go out and hire and up-and-coming Games Artist to make my art assets for me to my liking.

Majority of my focus over the next week is intended to be on the car mechanics, with the hope that I will be able to get a huge amount of it working the way that I would like.


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