This week I have focused once again on the map elements even though I have explained that I will be focusing on other parts of the game. The reason being is that the map is a core element to the final product and therefore if I have something that even slightly resembles the vision, I will be able to use this as a demonstration to investors. I outlined all of the elements that I would want on the finalised version of a map and then I looked at what I could implement given the timescale and the current technological limitations with Unity etc. This left me with a short list of features that I could implement now. I came to the idea that instead of me waiting around for technology to advance so that it can match the idea for my game, instead it is best for me to implement those mechanics that I am able to now so that when the technology does advance to the level I need it to be at, I will have less to implement which means I can get the game released onto the market quicker.

What I have decided to do for the purpose of this project is to get the base plane for the map of a section of Middlesbrough which covers the areas surrounding the University. I have then populated a chunk of the map with a variety of styles of buildings. I have also placed collision boxes around these areas for when the car mechanics are completed, so that I am able to get the collision features working with the car correctly.

Features that I have in place that only need alterations and modifications are a day and night system, rain, animated aeroplanes, lights and birds for the different times of the day.

Features that still need implementing are the meshes for the modern building assets changing depending on the time of the day. Also, once I know for sure what features I definitely have for other parts of the game. I will place points of interest on the map. Finally I am to create a UI mini-map and if time a bigger UI map that would be seen in the likes of GTA etc.

For now I am officially going to give the map elements a break and go onto developing the racing mechanics. I will start off with a circuit race and then take it from there.

One final factor that relates to my finalised version of the game is that I happened to stumble across an asset pack that is much more technically advanced then the GO MAP, called Mantle Environment System. The one that I have found allows for me to be able to implement many of the features which the GO MAP doesn’t allow, but those that I want for my final product. I am not going to purchase the pack yet as it is costly and also because I have already spent time creating a base map and don’t want to fiddle about any further given that I have surpassed the halfway mark for the project. However, once I have finished the project I will be going through the pack in my own time as I feel this may be the base for the maps in my final product.

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