In week 4 I went through various different thought processes in order to be able progress further in the game. Currently the progression has been slow, however I believe this will pickup as development increases. One of the things that I thought about at the start of the week was that I was going to leave the map side of things and begin working on the actual racing mechanics and features. However, I decided that if I can get all of the map features working as I want, then this map can be used not only for this project but also for future projects.

This week I really tried to work on a lot of features of the map, but unfortunately I did not see real progression due to reasons such as Limitations of the AR technology alongside limitations with the actual Unity Engine itself. However, this was good for my ultimate progression as an individual as it showed me that sometimes you cannot carryout what you want immediately and therefor those aspects, which technology is not ready, can be delayed up until technology is ready.

Some of the features that I spent time looking into included, spawning certain objects on specific parts of the map such as placing trees on the grass areas. One issue that I have had with this is that either two little or too much trees are being spawned. The solution to this and many of the other issues is outlined at the end of this post.

Another issue that occurred this week was that the car object that I have in the scene was unable to collide with the water. Now this would not be a problem if the car could not get near the water, however for the purpose of this prototype the car can. Another feature in regards to water that I tried to work on was to be able to have realistic looking animated water. However, the water system that I am using has to be baked manually and cannot be done dynamically so this is a problem. Also when the car collides with one of the buildings, it begins floating in the air or it goes through the building.

The vision for this game is that I will be able to provide the longitude and latitude of each city and then generate the map based upon these coordinates. I will then save the scene and manually go into each scene, adding in the prefabs that I need for each map. I have also decided that I will not be using the GPS data for the final version of the game as the user could be impelled to drive their vehicles whilst playing the game, which is a health hazard. Therefor, the user will be given driving mechanics within the map. This is something that can be implemented now as the mechanics are going to be similar to that of a circuit or other races. I believe that generating the map this way will work in my favour because I can then use these maps for online multiplayer features. Also I want to still be able to connect with the end user emotionally and therefore I believe by having the individual cities maps I will be able to move towards achieving this.

One thing that I have realised in terms of the way I have been developing the game is that I have given more focus to the little features rather than focusing on the big features whihc are the core aspects of the game. Therefore I will try to steer my focus on the bigger features such as the racing.

The upcoming week I will be looking at the following things plus whatever other questions arise:

  • How big should I want the map to be thats generated for the player.
  • How should I place the points of interest on the map and also how can I create a map UI which allows the player to be able to select where they want to go onto the map and then have an arrow which shows them the direction to their specified point of interest.
  • How can I improve the collision of the car, so that it properly with the buildings.


Aside from this, I will begin focusing on the actual racing components of the game. Beginning with circuit racing. I believe that once I get the momentum flowing with the racing features being implemented, I will then have a structure to work around in order to implement other features. Other features meaning, menu systems, story settings, player details, dealerships etc.

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