This week I wasn’t able to spend a considerable amount of time on the project. However from the time that I did spend on the project I was able to get some answers and make some very minor improvements.


One of the questions I had from the previous week was based upon how accurate the GPS tracking of the user was within the game. For this, I looked into the asset pack and noticed that it had three types of tracking options for the user – walking, cycling, driving. I haven’t tested out all three, however I have tested it on driving although I was walking whilst doing so. Either way, it was very accurate and was able to get my accurate position data even whilst I was on 3G rather than 4G.


Another question was in regards to the dynamic map generation and whether or not I can load and remove the map in real-time. The answer to this is, both loading and deleting is done for you by the asset pack. It loads tiles that the user needs based upon the direction the player is heading and also it removes those tiles which are further away from the user.


As for saving the maps, a has been a script provided that allows you to be able to save maps and load maps from the cache. As for how much memory this uses up, I am unaware but given the storage capacity of the modern devices I do not feel that this is too much of a big problem.


This week I have looked had a further mess around with the asset pack. One of the things that I did was change the mesh of the avatar to my own car. I also learn how to load a small amount of the map at a good rendering quality. The game will then load more of the map as required.


Some of the factors that I want to look into over the coming weeks are:


  • How can I generate different points of interest which are going to be used as the different game features that the user can interact with?
  • How do I change the textures of the different elements on the map so that they are more realistic?
  • How do I add collision to the environment in the scene?
  • How do I get my player to ensure that he does not go through the different meshes such as the buildings.
  • How can I have realistic looking water and grass.
  • How do I add other objects to the environment such as trees. Etc.’


These are just some of the basic questions which are arising in my head right now. I am interested to see what limitations I come across as I progress alongside what opportunities arise which I never had thought of before that can improve the certain elements of my game.


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