This week I have added in two more races. The first race that I have added is the Last Man Standing race type, in which the person in the lowest position in the race is eliminated lap by lap.


The second race type that I have included is the Police Chase. I had previously decided to not have this race within the game. However given that I had a little bit of time, I could at the minimum show what this race type could be like and that is what I have done, by adding in obstacles in the track and having police cars chasing the player car.


I have also created a splash screen. Before when I started the game it would begin with the login scene, but I have changed this to start with the splash screen and then navigate to the login screen.

All of the levels have been completed to a alpha style prototype and I have been able to accomplish the most foundation goal for this project, which was to show off the concept of the game.

However, having said the above, I have run into problems that were non existent such as the car not loading once you have returned from a race onto the Middlesbrough map. At this stage into the assignment, I will not be doing any more work on this game. Rather all I can say is that if the races are played one by one, you are able to get an understanding of what each race could be like at it’s more polished state.


My whole experience of this 12 week journey has not been about what I have been able to accomplish but rather what I have learnt about the development of a game and the different aspects related to it such as branding, marketing, timespan of development, project management and others. For me this project has helped to propel my belief and understanding of how to take on projects. Also it has given me a sense of self-awareness in regards to what I can do and how my human nature works. I may decide to restart this project in the coming months to actually develop it as a proper game and if so, I will take my time ensuring that each and every aspect is being worked on properly.

This project also goes to show how instead of spending your time coding each aspect yourself, you can utilise your finances to purchase resources that will decrease the overall timespan for the project allowing you to publish something much quicker and with less effort. My teacher in school once told me a ‘Good mathematician is a lazy mathematician’. This project has allowed me to show that there is no need to waste your time on doing things the hard way when instead you can do them the easy way.

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