This week I have created two more races for the game. The first race is the drag race, which is essentially straight road to which their is a finish line at the end. In this race, the acceleration is automatic and therefore in this race the user is to focus on the changing of the gears. The user is also in control of the steering of the car using the devices accelerometer.

The second race that I have got working is the Time Trial Race. In this race the player has a certain time limit in order to get to each checkpoint in the game. If the user does not reach the checkpoints in time the race is over.

I have also got it so that the day and night manager does not destroy itself as the scenes change within the game.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, I am looking to finalise the prototype of the game. In order to do this, I am going to add in two more races which are a last man standing race and also the police chase as I believe I should at least be able to get in a representation of the race type. I will also create a simple Splashscreen and then fix any remaining bugs within the game.

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