This week I have worked and thought about a several different factors regarding the game.

Firstly, I on the Middlesbrough map I have added a blur feature which is activated as the user presses the nitrous button and deactivated as the user lets go of the nitrous button. This gives an effect which makes the car seem like it is going faster than usual, with the environment objects such as the buildings being blurred.

I have removed the rain from the scene as it wasn’t clearly visible and it’s not a component that is exactly necessary.

The circuit race originally was looking slightly bare and needed more life. Therefore, I have added in more buildings to the scene alongside streetlights and a start/finish point. The race has now come to life and the population of the level alongside the mobile controls has it near complete for the purpose of this assignment.

Moving Forward

I want the buildings to change depending on the time of day similar to that which is working on the Middlesbrough map. I will also go onto creating a drag race which is to be the second type of race within the game. One of the major selling points of my game will be the availability of the different race types.

I have also thought about restarting the game from scratch as the level of detail in each of the different scenes is not the the standard to which I envision. Therefore I have decided that I will be restarting the project once I have it working to the point which will suffice for the purpose of this assignment.

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