This week I had a look into an asset, which I purchased, from the Unity asset store called ‘Go Map – 3D Map for AR’.


From having a look at the kit, I believe that there is a lot of potential with this kit especially if I am able to get it working in the manner in which I envision. Some of the features that this kit provides include the ability to utilize the users GPS coordinates to generate a map that resembles that of their location. It renders water, grass and buildings.

Go map

This week I am going to extensively look into this asset pack to try and wrap my head around certain aspects of it. This is so that I can get a clearer picture as to what can be made possible with this pack. Some of the specific factors that I am going to be looking at are:


  • How accurate the gps is in terms of continuously tracking the users location as they move around the map.
  • Am I dynamically able to generate more map as and when I need it on the fly? If so, what are my limitations with this?
  • If the answer to the above is yes, how can I go about deleting parts of the map that are not necessary anymore whilst loading in new parts that are necessary.
  • Can I save the maps once they have been generated using the users location. How much memory will this take up?


One of the ways that the map is generated is based upon square tiles, which contain parts of the map. So with this I want to be able to construct the game in a manner where only a few tiles are loaded so that I am able to add in more specific features with the tiles such as collision and also higher quality textures to make the buildings look more realistic.


I will be testing these questions out by delving deeper into the test levels from the asset pack whilst also generating a brand new scene to begin playing about with piece by piece.


Depending on my progress with my research, if I am able to answer these questions and get the relevant understanding I require. I will start constructing the level based upon my location and then testing it to see what, if any, problems arise.


I will also be looking at some asset packs to help with the more racing elements of the game. As if I want to get a polished prototype, then I will be needing a good foundation to work from.

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