In this week of development, the team gathered to discuss the progress that we had made thus far and also to determine what needed to be accomplished moving forward. In terms of from a programmers perspective, the main things that need to be done from our current work is to polish up some of the features that were developed for the initial prototype such as wall ledge / clim, grind etc. Also moving forward, there is to be a focus on the menu system alongside the upgrades within the game. I will be focusing a chunk of my time on the upgrade system, simply due to the fact that I was working on the pickups before. 

In other areas; the Animations have been done through Mocap, the character meshes are being worked on, the level design is complete but needs scaling. We feel that as a team we are currently on track, if not ahead. In the coming weeks, we will continue to work on the core features of the game, so that once they are complete all that is left is polishing up the features and adjusting them based upon the way the game is to be played from beginning to end.

AGD Diary – 5

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