AGD Diary – 3


We have now come to the end of out third week in the development of out team project. During this week, the team gathered together in order to create the game design document. The purpose of this is to ensure that each of the members know exactly what is expected from them during the course of this project.

One of the biggest initial problems that can occur during the development of a game especially when working in a team of this size (10 people), is that everyone can get carried away continuously putting forward new ideas and concepts. Now even though fresh ideas aren’t a bad thing, they can slow down the development of the game especially when you are working to a deadline. Therefore having said this, a game design document really allows the team to put their foot down on the concepts they definitely want within the game and through this the team can remove any unnecessary mechanisms that wouldn’t be viable in the development period. Now, even though the main ideas are set, if the the team completes all the initial parts of the game in the given period then additional elements can be added afterwards to enhance the game.

I wasn’t present in the meeting where the game design document was pretty much concluded, however there was another meeting held in the latter stages of the week to go over everything that had been discussed and therefor I was able to input, question and query anything that arose in my mind.

The work that I have contributed this week, is to get some of the game mechanics working. The three main elements that I am currently working on and their progress are as follows:

  1. Wall Running – I have been having various problems with this especially in getting the player to run across the will in a mirrors edge style fashion. However, as I write this blog, I seem to have thought about a solution to the problems that have been occurring and want to test them out to see if they resolve the issues.
  2. Wall Climbing – I have currently got the player to be able to climb the wall and also transition from one wall to the adjacent wall. What I am trying to do carrying on from this is to have the player only be able to grab onto the ledge of a wall also not be able to turn all the way around the wall. To do this I will lock the camera and also add mechanics that detect whether the player is at the top of the wall for them to be able to grab the ledge.
  3. Pickups – I have began by allowing the user to pickup fragments and increase the count of the fragments the player has acquired each time. To expand on this I need to display the count on the GUI. Also similar logic is to be used in the obtaining of fuel, torch battery and other perks throughout the game. Therefor after completing the fragments, I will progress to the other pickups.

That’s it for this week. As for the next week I intend to have the mechanics that I have currently started completed and also be working on additional mechanics.

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