AGD Diary – 2


In our second week as a team, the team got together to discuss what the designers had proposed for the environment, characters, art etc. From this the team were able to grasp the mood and feel of what the end product for this project would be.

The basic theme of the game was determined that you were to control a robotic character, starting from a city environment eventually moving into a forest type environment.  The players aim is to explore the environment finding his way from the city into the forest. Throughout the game, the player is to pickup data segments, which are required in order for the player to be able to progress onwards from a certain part of the game.

The robot is to have various mechanics such as double jump, speed movement, grapple hook to move towards objects but also to bring objects down or towards it, jetpack, rolling / sliding, wall running, wall / ledge climbing. Each of these will be unlocked as the player progresses through the game and also there are to be upgrade pickups through the game in order for the player to enhance their current abilities.

My job from this week is to really try and get some features working in unreal engine. So that we can show of a basic prototype by the end of October that displays to some degree the mechanics and functionalities that are to be presented in our final product.

I feel that the each member of the team is pulling their own weight and taking charge of their tasks to ensure that the development of this game runs as smooth as possible.

AGD Diary – 1

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