AGD Diary – 1


As a group, this was our first meetings together. We met once to get to know each and to essentially understand what and who we were working with. Then also we had a second meet where we discussed the different types of games we could work on, from an artists, designers and programmers point of view.


The one thing that we all agreed upon given that we had a very strong artistic team, was to create a compact exceptionally looking and tightly working product.


The team leader, Joe, noted that the best day for us all to come together is a Wednesday around 11. Seeing as this is a time when everyone is free.


By the end of the meeting we all agreed on a theme of the game, which in comparison to industry examples, would relate to the likes of journey and valley.


Also as we had this theme, every member of the team knew how to go forward. For programmers, we were to look at Unreal Engine 4 as this is the engine that we would like to use to develop the game. For the artist and designers they were to come up with styles for the game so that each and every single one of them was on the same page. The team leader was to sort out the content management and team-working platforms such as Trello and Facebook pages to make sure that the communication of content was fluid through all members of the team.

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