Advanced Games Development

Advanced Games Development

AGD Diary – 6

In this week of development, the team gathered to discuss the progress that we had made thus far and also ...
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AGD Diary – 5

In the 5th week of development, There wasn't much progression in terms of developing extra features and functionalities specifically relating ...
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AGD Diary – 4

We have now just completed our fourth week of development and during this week we were scheduled to give in ...
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AGD Diary – 3

AGD Diary - 3 We have now come to the end of out third week in the development of out ...
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designers 2

AGD Diary – 2

AGD Diary - 2 In our second week as a team, the team got together to discuss what the designers ...
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AGD Diary – 1

AGD Diary - 1 As a group, this was our first meetings together. We met once to get to know ...
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