Tenacious is an adjective used to describe being firm and strong. Relentless and determined. Not easily pulled apart.


  1. His immense experience and skill-set has given him a ‘tenacious’ hold of his role as a CTO (Chief Technical Officer).
  2. A ‘tenacious’ individual, he is willing to do whatever is necessary in order to succeed.
  3. His ‘tenacious’ belief in Islam has allowed him to live a happy and successful life. For whenever he is faced with troubles, he smiles as he understands that this is from his creator.




I recently read in a book that there are around 750,000 words in the English language. 750,000! No one is saying that you need to know them all, but why limit ourselves? Keep it sweet and simple… A Word A Day!

Go on then, go back until you’ve caught up.

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